The Hope Center

The Hope Center exists to provide a safe place for those who are and have been affected by cancer. With the support of other survivors, one will: renew his spirit with hope, refresh her faith in Jesus Christ, and discover resources to navigate through pain, loss, and recovery.  The Hope Center is a ministry of Lowell Church of Christ, 

Be Renewed

Be Refreshed

Be a Resource

Contact Hope Center to connect with the support group and engage in a curriculum that renews your hope and faith during life’s darkest interruptions.
Even though you walk through the darkest valley, you will not fear. Jesus Christ is with you. At Hope Center, we point you to Christ who leads you beside quiet waters; he refreshes your soul.
Share your story, your successes, your failures; support those currently fighting cancer. Get involved with Hope Center and show hope and love to those without.
Hope Center is located inside Lowell Church of Christ at 299 N. Burr Street, Lowell, IN 46356

Meet Kerri, Survivor & Founder

In March, 2009, at thirty-one years of age, Kerri Midkiff received the diagnosis of breast cancer. Married for eight years, Brian and Kerri had two girls who were only six and four. This diagnosis was a life interruption they never expected. The doctors took great care of Kerri through a double mastectomy, reconstruction, a full hysterectomy and 18 weeks of chemotherapy. The emotional toll of cancer was greater than Kerri and Brian had anticipated. Kerri could heal from her surgeries, but how could she explain cancer to her young daughters? Going to a cancer support center provided the Midkiff family with peace and understanding. Unfortunately, the support center was an hour and twenty minutes away from home. The drive was a burden to a healing family. Then, inspiration hit! Kerri needed to bring this essential help and comfort closer to home. Her dream blossomed into Hope Center. On December 31st, 2013, six days before Hope Center opened, Kerri was given the news of reoccurrence. While undergoing a medical trial to treat her metastasized breast cancer, Kerri and volunteers opened the Hope Center, despite the obstacle.

In May of 2018, Kerri lost her fight with cancer, but the legacy of her love, prayer, leadership, and support continues on through the Hope Center.

Hope Totes

Hope Totes are designed to comfort those facing cancer — no matter what stage of their journey they are in. Each complimentary Hope Tote is carefully assembled with love and prayer. Ideally, a Hope Center volunteer would present the Hope Tote when discussing Hope Center programs with a family facing cancer. We know this isn’t always possible if the recipient is not feeling well. We are happy to give the tote to a friend or family member to present. Please complete this form to help us serve you!

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